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                高精度高速度带来高收益,安全可靠,减㊣ 少异物混入
                Improved profits through high accuracy and high speeds, as it provides safety and security through reduced contamination from foreign objects.

                High-speed weighing by optimal loading gates

                Clean weighing by machinery that reduces foreign objects(patent pending)

                触摸ξ 屏控制器使得调整操作简单
                Adjustment operations are made easy by touch-panel controllers(Option)

                特点 Features


                 High accuracy leads to improved yields

                - 精度从1/1000提高到1/2500 -         

                -  Accuracy raised from 1/1000 to 1/2500 –


                For instance, when you pack 25 kilograms of raw material with each kilogram priced at 12 Yuan, and when accuracy is raised from ±25 grams to ±15 grams…Then when 600 bags are replenished an hour, that would make 4800 bags per day (based on eight-hour days), approximately 140000 bags per month, or 1.7 million bags a year, which calculates to about 17 tons. In monetary terms, that would mean a yield effect gain of 210 thousands Yuan.


                Cutting initial costs through high speeds

                - 从2联到1联,降低初※期投资额-              

                -  Reducing initial investments by going from two lines to one. -  


                For example, when it becomes possible to go from two to one lines or from three to two lines…then installation space is conserved, line operation times are shortened through high speeds, power usage is cut, and even maintenance times are halved, reducing your running costs.


                No contamination from foreign objects

                - 安全●安心 -            

                - Safe and secure -


                There is never any contamination from foreign objects from wear debris, because the design separates all sliding parts from the weighing chamber.

                规格 Specifications

                用途 Applications

                Rasin pellets, beans, rice, fertilizers, feeds those less than 150μm with good flowing characteristics. 

                外形图 Dimensions (mm)

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